How to sew a baby bib (a beginner friendly tutorial)

I made some little baby bibs for a baby shower recently and decided to make a video tutorial, as beginner friendly as I could make it, showing others how to make them too! I've included a free pattern if you scroll down, AND I've shown you in the video how to adjust this pattern to any size! 

HOw to sew a simple baby bib. Free pattern and video tutorial

HOw to sew a simple baby bib. Free pattern and video tutorial

I've been making these for many years, I'm pretty sure I traced a baby bib I had at the time for this pattern. They make great little gifts and they're so easy! A few links to supplies I refer to in the video (these are affiliate links and while I wasn't paid to recommend them, I truly love and use these items and do earn a small percentage should you purchase them through these links). 

Wonder Clips! These are awesome, I use them all the time, wish I'd had them sooner. 

The Babyville snap plyers

And the snaps. These come in all kinds of great colors, but also in white. 

So, without further ado, here's the video tutorial! Enjoy :) 

And here is the free pattern. Just right click on the image below, save to your desktop and print. Be sure and click "fill page" on your printer settings, otherwise it may print a bit too small, because printers like to add borders and this pattern took up the whole page from edge to edge! 

If you can think of other baby item tutorials, you'd like to see video tutorials on, will you let me know in the comments? And if you make some bibs using this pattern, I'd love to see them!