Quilt me a Pineapple

Pineapples are super trendy right now! I'd like to think I liked them before they were so trendy (I am a Psych superfan, after all), but that might not be true. Maybe they've always been a thing, I dunno. Yesterday at Starbucks, my barista had a tiny pineapple tattoo on her finger! It was cute, but might be a bummer when they're not so trendy ... and then it will just look dated. This is how my mind thinks on tattoos and why I can never get one, ha! 


I made a pineapple mini quilt! 

DSC_0022 (1).jpg

This is a free pattern from Sassafrass Lane. I made this little gem because I'm going to be teaching a mini quilt class locally and I thought this would be a perfect beginner quilting pattern. If you living on Oahu and you're interested in that workshop, click here for details.  

This is not the first pineapple quilt I have made, though! Several months ago I made this free pieced gem and it's one of my fave things. 

I used the method from the book, Out of the Box with Easy Blocks. If your brain has a hard time thinking abstractly, this will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's so much fun! 

I hand quilted it with big stitches and I like how that looks for this one. 

So, after I made that little pineapple up top, I totally by accident stumbled on this t-shirt on Instagram and you better believe I ordered it! So cute. 

I should wear this when I teach that class, like a total dork, right?? Hahahaha. 

Ooh, and speaking of pineapples AND speaking of Psych (best show ever, still sad it's over), have you ever spotted the pineapple quilt in this scene?? 

There's an actual pattern for that! I hunted it down and you can find it here.  It sure is beautiful in those batik prints, but it would look so cool in modern prints too. 

Um, yes please, to this artwork (by Sweetgeek on Etsy)

Cheers and happy sewing! 



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