How to Make Scrunchies with Accessories!

Scrunchies are back with a vengeance! In fact, if you haven’t noticed, a lot of 90’s trends are back. I think it’s hilarious that my teenaged daughters want to wear high waisted, tapered jeans. The trend I do NOT understand is the wedgie shorts, how is that even comfortable?? But I digress.

I’m here today to show you how to sew allll the scrunchies! Not just the regular ones, but the skinny ones, the ones with scarves, bows, ties, lace, all the things. Time to step up your scrunchie game! The beginner friendly video tutorial is at the end of the post, but first you’ll need the grab the pattern! I also included some links to the supplies I use in this video that will help you on your way.

And if you need to save this for later, here’s a handy pinnable image for you:

Step up your scrunchie game and learn to sew all kinds of scrunchies with my beginner friendly tutorial! | Pin, Cut, Sew Studio

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In the video, I mention some specific tools that I promised to link you to. The first is a rotary cutter and mat. The second is an extremely handy tool called a Fasturn. I’ve had mine for years and I use it in the sewing room quite often. If you’re tired of turning out tubes with the fussy safety pin method, you will not regret buying this fabulous tool! I also use some Wonder Clips in this video, which are another very useful tool to have in your sewing room. Lastly, this is the elastic I’m using.

The last thing you’ll definitely need before you get started is the pattern! I’ve created a printable for this project that includes the measurements of all the scrunchies and their accessories, along with the pattern piece for the tie know scrunchie accessory. Just enter your email below to have that sent right to your email. Then continue on to the video tutorial!

Without further ado, here is the scrunchie sewing tutorial. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! If so, I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel and share with your friends. And if you make some scrunchies, I’d love to see them! Just tag me on Instagram @pincutsew. Cheers!