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Over this past week, I gave my sewing room up so that my girls could have their own rooms. They've shared almost their whole lives, so I was kinda sad! But, it was time and now that they have their own, I wonder how on earth we fit all that furniture in the one room before. 

I told them before we started, if this is going to work, we need to get rid of a LOT of stuff. Like, a lot. So we did. Lots of toys, dolls, books and some fabric too. Enough that we were able to have a yard sale today! 

 I took over a built in hallway desk as my sewing space and the walk-in storage closet right next to it. I do my cutting on the kitchen table now, which is just fine. Don't you feel like having smaller spaces makes them easier to keep the mess under control?? I for sure found this to be true with the small kitchen in the house we own and lived in in Colorado! 

Today I hung up my pictures and pin board and this is my space now. I love it. 

We live in military housing and while it can be seen as a big bummer to not be allowed to paint your walls, it can be a gift too not to have to worry about it. I've grown to embrace the white walls. God has used the lack of choice in housing in great ways in my life! It can be easy to make a house an idol, for sure. I mourned our Colorado house and our huge, beautiful yard until the Lord pretty much told me to snap out of it and be thankful, ha! So freeing. 

I think I'd like to get a new chair, maybe. I bought this one off a moving neighbor and it's not in great shape. Plus, I think I bit cuter one would be nice, of course. Like maybe this one.  Ooh, or this green one. No wait, I think this is the one. So many colors! I also sew with a butt cushion like this. Ask any chiropractor and he'll tell you sewing is not great for your posture and alignment. As if that would stop any of us, right? 

This is the closet I was able to take over. It's super huge and even though I share it with some homeschool books we aren't using right now and some other storage items, there's plenty of space for my fabric and patterns and there is a shelf and a cabinet to the right that you can't even see. Here is a de-cluttering tip for you: instead of making space for your stuff, make your stuff fit your space. When the fabric (books, records, dishes, games, toys, towels, movies, whatever ... ) no longer fits on the shelf, don't buy another shelf! Purge some things until it fits again. Tried and true advice from someone who moves a lot ;)

I wasn't sure what to do about an ironing station. It's definitely necessary for sewing, but I didn't want the danger of a board set up in the hallway behind me with kids trying to squeeze by it. I bought the over-the-door ironing board at Target. I recently bought that Shark iron (here's a similar one) when I needed a second iron for sewing camps and I love it! I've always been a Rowenta girl, but Shark has converted me (especially after the Rowenta I bought before choosing the Shark had to be returned for leaking water all over the place!) 

I hope this post inspires you to carve out a sewing space for yourself if you don't already have one! My mom has always verbally commended my dad for always making sure she had a sewing space and I feel the same way about Casey. It was him who insisted I have the sewing room when we moved in here and while it was nice for a season, this is equally nice and I find I enjoy being in a more open area where I can hear the goings on of my family. Although I also enjoy putting in my ear buds to tune them out, hehehehe. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing! 

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