Felt Food: Resources and Inspo

I've been a little quiet here, but trust me when I tell you it is not because I haven't been sewing. Quite the opposite! If you know me at all, you know I love sewing costumes, it's my absolute favorite. Not only is it Halloween month, our dance studio is busy preparing for an original production called Creation and I have been tasked with many of the more complicated and bizarre sewing projects for that. So, in the last month I have made, partially made or altered: a sloth, five iguanas, five monkeys, two trees, an angel, a dragonite Pokemon and a peacock. Whew! And it has be SO FUN! I love sewing wild weird projects with uncommon fabrics. 

I'll have photos of the costumes later on, but today I want to inspire you in the felt food department. In September's sewing class, we spent a whole class making felt food and it was definitely one of the most fun projects to date. 

I scoured Pinterest for ideas that were simple enough for the kids to make and this pattern pack by AliboopBoutique on Etsy was exactly what I needed. 

Photo and Patterns by AliboopBoutique on Etsy

Photo and Patterns by AliboopBoutique on Etsy

We made the breakfast foods and the juice pouch, and the brown "paper" lunch sack. We had intended to make the popsicles, but I forgot to buy popsicle sticks, oops! My kids continued to both make food and play diner for several days after that class, it was so fun. 

Pinterest has wealth of ideas for felt play food! I have an entire board dedicated to it, which you can find here. Play food is one of those toys that my own kids and their friends never seem to grow tired of or too old for. Don't you love toys that have that kind of longevity? I think this makes felt food worth the effort to make for the little ones in your life. 

I think for Christmas I'd like to make this amazing movie food set for my kids, since movie theater is another one of those games that they never tire of. This pattern can be bought from BuggaBugs on Etsy

Photo and pattern by buggabugs on Etsy. 

Photo and pattern by buggabugs on Etsy. 

As for supplies, here are my recommendations. While for class we used regular felt sheets from the craft store, we have in the past used this thicker sort of felt for these kinds of projects. You can buy this big stack on Amazon. These sheets are sturdier and will hold up better over time, while pilling less. 

There are some pretty great books out there for making felt food too! Click on the images to purchase from Amazon. 

And how cute is this!? This would be an amazing gift for the little sewer in your life. 

And of course, if you'd prefer your felt food already sewn together, there's always Melissa & Doug, ha! 

Or this cool set! 

I hope you're inspired! I know I am. So many great ideas. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing! 



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