The following is a list of tutorials I have posted over time. If you have trouble finding the one you're looking for, just use the search bar on the right. If you make any projects with my tutorials, please show me, I would love to see! 

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Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Make these cute pin cushions using only a jar, a fabric scrap and some stuffing! No sewing machine required, but you'll need a hot glue gun. 

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Doll Tote Bags

These cute tote bags are so easy and definitely a kid friendly sewing projects! My girls and my students whipped up several and had so much fun. 

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Emoji Pillows

Print out my emoji parts and make your own fleece emoji pillows! 

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Pig Neck Pillow 

Use these free templates to make your own pig neck pillow! Although not a full tutorial with photos, there's enough to get you going. 


Name Banner Flag Bunting 

Learn to make a name bunting. These make great gifts! Or baby shower decorations! Or birthday banners! The possibilities are endless.