Unrelated: Vol. 3

Welcome to week 3 of Unrelated, where I share with you five things I’m loving lately that have nothing to do with sewing! My favorite part about blogging is the community; chatting with people with common interests about what we all love. I’ve come to think of you all as my friends and I love sharing tips, recipes, ideas, books, all kinds of things with my friends in real life, so why not chat about those things with you all too?

Here are five things I’m loving lately. Enjoy!

DIY record holder. || Pin Cut Sew Studio

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One of our favorite family hobbies is our record player and record collection! It’s not huge, we keep it pared down to what we actually listen too, but we love finding used vinyl shops and hunting for the good stuff. Recently I asked my husband to make a holder for our records similar to one I’d seen online. He obliged and it’s so cool! I love how we can easily flip through the records and it looks so much prettier than the plastic bin I had them in before.

He stained it to match our table, since we keep our record player in our dining room. It’s so fun to listen to records while cooking! We also homeschool in here (which explains the chalkboard), so the cabinet holds supplies.

Record cabinet with DIY record holder. || PIn Cut Sew Studio

The record player we have is this one and we use this speaker with it. Natalie wanted a record player for her room, so we bought her this one for her birthday, which has the speaker inside and bluetooth, which is pretty cool. We’ve had a record player since the kids were little and it’s bee a fun way to expose them to all kinds of musical genres.


I am in love with this artist!! Oh my goodness, so fun. I’ve bought some pretty amazing Star Wars art on Etsy for my husband for past Christmases and this shop is definitely what I’m going with this year. I’m thinking this one for his office! And then when we move, perhaps this one for my kids’ bathroom. I will decorate around it, ha!


I’m a little shocked I haven’t shared this one with you yet, but I LOVE my HP Sprocket. It’s a little printer that prints out 2x3” photos from your phone via bluetooth. It doesn’t use ink or anything messy, the ink is in the paper! The paper refill packs are super cheap too, so if you like the idea of an instax mini, but are annoyed about the price of the film, get the Sprocket instead!

HP Sprocket. These are a few of my favorite things! The Sprocket prints out your phone photos via bluetooth! So fun!! | Pin Cut Sew Studio

It comes with an app and you can add words, borders and stickers before you print a photo if you want. Natalie prints photos for her pin board all the time, I print photos on the spot when we visit family, or stick a little photo into a card. You can even peel the backing off to use them as stickers! We also use it in our book of centuries for homeschooling. When we study a historical person, we print and stick a photo in its proper century. It’s seriously so fun and useful.

HP Sprocket for homeschooling. We print little photos and stick them in our book of centuries!


I’ve always been a game lover and my family all enjoys playing games together, but one of my daughters is as much into board games as I am, so we play together often. We’ve been playing a lot of Yatzee this week, which reminded me to share another dice game with you that we bought on vacation last Summer called Qwixx. It’s super fun, plus it’s really easy to learn. It’s one even my husband will play over and over. We tend to keep a game or two in the dining room so we can play during lunch, or waiting for the next dance pick-up.


Our schedule for these next few months is a little insane. I am finally at that point in life where I need a large family calendar hung up where everyone can see it. I was kinda going crazy trying to remember dates and times for various things and the schedule is never the same from day to day or week to week. I went out and bought a giant desk calendar and these fine point Sharpies, so I could color code my kids’ activities! I wrote eeeeeverything down and felt immediately better. I hung it on magnetic hooks on the side of the fridge, so it’s not taking up wall space, but we can all reference it when we need to. Why didn’t I do this sooner???

That’s five things! What things are you loving lately?