September Thrift Store Haul

I am not even a tiny bit ashamed to tell you that I am a thrift store lover (as if you didn’t know that already). I had fun conversing with you all about my my recent post on why I think sewing makes me better at thrift shopping, so I thought it would be fun to build on that and share with you my recent haul from my favorite thrift store!

Full the record, I do not just go thrifting once a month, I visit my Savers probably once a week. Not just to aimlessly wander and shop for stuff we don’t need, but if anyone in my family does need something, I always check there first. And with growing teen/tween children, it seems like they’re always needing something! Often, I’m only going to look for that one thing and I always go with a budget in mind. I’m not above buying pretty much anything secondhand. Shoes, sleepwear, outerwear, sheets, it’s all great.

The weather has really turned here this last week and I was short on long sleeved items for myself and I wanted to look for some warmer running clothes, since I started running a few mornings a week back in the Spring. Let me show you what I found on my last trip to Saver’s!

What I found at my thrift store in September! || Pin Cut Sew Studio #thrifting #diyfashion

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First, I did find a couple of running tops. The light gray jacket is very similar to one I was thinking of buying on Amazon if I couldn’t find one secondhand. It not only has thumb holes, the cuffs flip all the way over my hands to keep them warm, which is something I really wanted in a running jacket. My hands get cold, but the cheap soft gloves aren’t great for a sweaty activity. The brand is Mondetta, there’s a similar jacket here. The purple jacket is originally from Gapfit (similar here) and I like how it has the kind of hood that covers my neck and will stay on when running. The leggings pictured are an Old Navy pair I thrifted several months ago (similar here).

One Pattern, Two Hacks (1).png

Next, I found a great rayon Old Navy dress and this is where the sewing thing comes in handy! I’ve tried on a similar style to this dress at Old Navy before and I remember the facing having issues. On this dress, it appears someone had been frustrated with the facing popping out and had tried to just cut it off. When this didn’t solve the problem, they donated the dress.

I was able to serge the raw edge of the facing and top stitch it down. If Old Navy would learn to properly understitch a facing, they might avoid this problem ;)

Sewing comes in handy for thrift shopping! I mended this hacked off facing and now I have a new rayon dress :) || PIn Cut Sew Studio #thrifting #diyfashion

It’s a pretty Summery dress, but I thought I could style it for Fall and Winter so I put some outfits together for all seasons. Both jackets pictures are from the thrift store too, the white linen moto jacket is Athleta (couldn’t believe that lucky find!) and the brown one is A.N.A. brand. Unfortunately my son put that one in the dryer once when he was helpfully changing the laundry and it’s not quite the same. Any suggestions on reshaping it would be great! It’s not leather, but not polyurethane either, it’s viscose. Help, please!

One thrifted dress, mended and styled for all seasons. || Pin Cut Sew Studio #diyfashion #thrifting #fallstyle

It will probably not surprise you that the gray sweater leggings are part of my thrift store haul also, ha! The grey booties are ones you’ve seen before and yep, you guessed it, they’re thrifted as well. They’re Nine West brand and you can find similar ones here. The brown boots are NOT thrifted (can you believe it!?) but they are Merrells and I cannot recommend them enough!! Solid arch support, real leather, completely waterproof. The ore you wear them in, the better they get. Total workhorse pair of boots if you live somewhere that gets a lot of wet and snowy weather. Great for wide calves too. Yep, they’re pricey, but you will not regret it.

Okay, next, I scored another Old Navy dress, this one a basic black rayon jersey dress. Everyone needs a piece like this in their closet and my previous one is several years old now and looking threadbare. I wear this kind of dress in all seasons. It’s so easy to dress up or down, throw a sweater and leggings on with it, or wear it over your swimsuit in the Summer. I was glad to find this piece.

Thrifted Old Navy dress. How to dress thrift store finds up or down and for the seasons. || PIn Cut Sew Studio #diyfashion #thrifting

Next, I found and American Eagle sweater and it’s so soft and I like the dark gray color. I’ve already worn this a few days this week, just to throw over what I was already wearing, since we’re in that season when it’s goes from 50-70 and back again several times per day. The jeans I’m wearing here are my favorite Old Navy pair and the shoes are Puma (scored in new condition at the thrift store!) and I talked about them here.

September thrift store haul || Pin Cut Sew Studio

Lastly, I found a super nice cotton button down shirt! The brand is Dip, which I haven’t heard of before, but it’s a pink and white pin stripe and fits me absolutely perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that I want to alter my go-to button down pattern to more closely resemble how this shirt fits. I got some good feedback on Instagram about how to go about copying ready-to-wear clothes, other than waiting until they wear out and cutting them apart. The shoes here White Mountain and not thrifted. It always feels a little fancy when I buy new shoes from an actual new shoes store, hahaha!

September thrift store haul! || Pin Cut Sew Studio #thrifting #thrifthaul #diyfashion

I did get one last thing I didn’t get any photos of, but I was super excited to find. I got a pair of black rayon ponte leggings/pants that I think are going to be SO useful this Winter. I’m still working on making and adding pieces to my wardrobe to wear with them, so I’m sure they’ll make an appearance here soon!

That’s it for this particular trip! In total, I spent $51. That included a jersey sheet to use for making muslins. Earlier this month I went looking for some coats for my girls and scored big time! I got them both like-new down puffer coats in their preferred colors. One is Gap and one is Express and I paid $20 for both. Like I said, I always check the thrift store first and it very often pays off.

Truth time, is there anything you would NEVER buy secondhand? I’m a little weird about water bottles and thermoses that have the straw-style or flip up spouts. It’s kinda funny that that’s where I draw the line.