Weekday Sewing & Why I Love Jalie Patterns!

I've been parenting solo for about three weeks and have about the same left to go. My mother-in-law visited us this past week, which was an awesome break up of the time Casey's gone. It was nice to have some adult company and we even took a break from school and homeschool co op while she was here, which was also nice. My sewing machine was happy to see me back yesterday, though! 

I was being a little short on patience with my kids and knew I was craving time alone in my own head and that it would help to put my ear buds in and sew and nicely ask them to not ask any questions of me unless someone was dying, for at least two hours. It worked, I felt a ton better after that and have this AWESOME shirt to show for it! 

Jalie hooded tee

Jalie hooded tee

I had the girls snap some pics for me during Kelby's golf lesson today. Sorry to my winter friends who hate me for my palm trees. 

The pattern is the Jalie hooded tunics and tees. As usual with Jalie patterns, I absolutely love this and will get a ton of use out of it! I bought the pdf and taped. I don't mind the taping process, I think it's kinda fun. The fabric is an amazing French terry from Girl Charlee. After making a dress and a skirt from French Terry recently (which I just realized I haven't blogged about!), I had to get my hands on some more French terry and I really loved this print. It's actually darker gray than it looks in these photos, more on the charcoal side.

Jalie hooded tee

Jalie hooded tee

Jalie hooded tee

Jalie hooded tee

This is my second completed project that is on my  2017 Make Nine to-sew list! I do like having that list made, because when I'm looking at what to sew next, it's a good reminder that there are things I really need in my wardrobe and patterns I've been wanting to try. 

Let me just rave about Jalie's sizing real quick! You cannot beat the accuracy, my measurements fell right into one size AND it's the size that corresponds to my ready to wear size according to their chart! And this top fits me absolutely perfectly. ALSO, their pattern include the sizing for children up to adult, so I can use the same pattern to make my girls some tops without having to purchase another pattern in their size. Awesome. 

I have plans for another version of this, but long sleeved. Maybe out of this sweatshirt fleece? I also think the tunic length will be cool in colder climates after we move, with leggings!

Can't wait! Before I go, Layla snapped this photo of a cardinal at golf today! So pretty. 


Sewing Camp Wrap-Up!

Sewing camps are over! I'm sad! And tired! Haha. I taught 28 kids to sew this Summer. And the best part is, many of their moms tag me or share with me pictures of them sewing at home on their own. That's the goal, after all! I had a fun group for my last camp and I'm about to unload all those photos on you here, BUT FIRST, I cannot wait to share with you the promotional video my talented friend Liz MacMurray made. I've watched it so many times, it just makes me so happy. If you are local and want something unique for your family photos this year, check out her site and just FYI, she's running special mini-sessions right now!! 

Both July camps were themed around sewing for 18" dolls and they were so much fun. We made a lot of things and the girls had a blast! This past week they ended each day just trying the clothes on their dolls and making up silly fashion shows. 

On the last day of camp, we made flip flops and visor out of craft foam, then we have a runway fashion show and then we have pizza and watch an American Girl movie (last week's vote was Lea, but this week they voted Isabell). But this time around, almost everyone just wanted to keep sewing during the movie! They made all kinds of doll tote bags, pillows and other little things, a few even designed little pet beds for their dolls' pets and Natalie made a doll-sized drawstring backpack. They turned the t-shirt pattern around to make jackets, made matching p.j./sleep mask/pillow sets and just got so creative! 

And now I'm going to take a nap. 

Ha! Not really, I actually have some sewing to do today ;)

Cheers and happy sewing! 


Super Easy Doll Tote Bag Tutorial

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I was brainstorming simple doll sewing in case we had extra time today at sewing camp. I knew that tote bags for dolls would be super easy, so I showed the girls how to make this simple version. I didn't have a pattern and I hadn't made these before, but it was no problem to just wing it. They turned out great, they were really fast and most of the girls made more than one, they loved these! Then Natalie made a bunch after camp was over and our neighbor came over this afternoon and they made even more! 

Doll Tote Bag free tutorial by Pin, Cut, Sew Studio

Doll Tote Bag free tutorial by Pin, Cut, Sew Studio

I made a very simple tutorial here for you, and you don't even have to print a pattern :) 

How to sew a doll tote bag:

For the pattern, take a piece of regular ol' printer paper and cut it (or just fold it) in half, hamburger style. Place this on your fabric, just one layer, and cut it out. 

Next, hem one of the long edges. For the kids, I didn't have them turn the raw edge under twice, I wanted to keep this super simple for them, but here you can see, I did hide that raw edge. 

Next, cut some ribbon for your straps. I cut mine 7", but anywhere between 7 and 9" would be great. Pin them onto the wrong side of your top edge where you'll want your handles to be when it's folded in half. It may help to fold it in half widthwise just to see where you want them and make sure they match up. 

Then sew them in place right over your previous hem stitching. Now an adult or advanced sewer could totally do the hem and sew the ribbons on in one step, but for kids, it's easier for them to do this in two steps and it doesn't bother them that there are two lines of stitching showing if it's not perfect. It might bother you, moms, but it won't bother them and that's what matters! ;) I let the kids try zig-zagging this step and they thought that was fun and looked cool. 

Okay, last step, fold your tote in half, pretty sides together and sew down the side and across the bottom. 

You're done already! You can trim those raw seams with pinking shears, or not, whatever you want. Clip that corner and turn it right side out. You may also want to add some Fray Check or clear nail polish to your ribbon ends to keep them from fraying. 

These are some the girls made!

Natalie and her friend Hailey can't stop making tote bags for their dolls! As you can see, Victoria and Samantha are very happy to wear them all. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing! 


Sewing Camp Session 2

We are halfway through sewing camp #2 and we have are having just as much fun as last time! For reals, I can't even believe how much fun I'm having. I was really worried that after the first few days of the first camp I'd ask myself what I was thinking, but I am really, truly enjoying myself each day. Whew! Haha. 

We made our pillowcases yesterday and started sleeping masks with our extra time. Today we made our drawstring backpacks and they once again turned out awesome! Here are just a few highlights from our first two days.

Getting my teach on! Hehe. 

Getting my teach on! Hehe. 

Yep, I totally let them iron! 

I'll be sure and post our pj shorts when we finish those, along with last week's pj shorts, which I don't think I showed off here either! The pattern we're using is spectacular, so I for sure need to share. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing! 

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Sewing Camp Progress!

My first week of sewing camp is in full swing and it has been so much fun so far! I'm completely wiped out, in the best of ways when it's over each day. My favorite moments in teaching others to sew are when someone finally turns their finished project right side out and they gasp and grin and are so proud that they made something! It's the best. 

Day two we made drawstring backpacks and these took the whole three hours. They were worth the hard work because they are so cool! And today some of the girls showed up wearing them and carrying their things around in them, which made me happy. 

We used the tutorial from hello, Wonderful.  I love how different everyone's fabric is! 

Today's project was pajama shorts and this one will spill into tomorrow morning. We only have a few seams left! I bought the pdf version of Jalie's Pull-on Pants and Shorts pattern. I taped the pattern together and then yesterday I traced each girl's correct size onto pattern paper, aka the huge cheap roll of banner paper I bought for the task. I had measured each person earlier and some of the girls wear the same size so I had them share. Still, it took time, but thankfully, each pair of shorts fits perfectly! Love that about Jalie patterns, their sizing chart is right on. 

So much concentration! I'm so impressed at how far they've all come since the first day! They're cutting straighter, learning the sewing terms, their seam allowances are looking nicer and the machines aren't coming unthreaded nearly as much today, ha! 

Super proud :) 




Kids Sewing Camp Day 1

Pin, Cut, Sew has kicked off local classes! I taught six adults how to make a tote bag on Saturday and today was the first day of my first Summer Sewing Camp! I have three girls plus my own kids and another is joining us starting tomorrow. I think the girls had fun! 

June camps are sleepover themed, so we're making pillowcases, drawstring backpacks and pajama shorts (and maybe eye masks if we have extra time) over the course of the four day camp. I have to give credit to my sister for the awesome idea of these sewing camps, I totally copied her, she's brilliant for thinking of it. 

I got a few good shots from today. 

For beginner sewings, getting the hang of the machine is the first hurdle. In order to learn the process of lowering the presser foot, backstitching, turning, etc... I printed these amazing free downloads from Skip to my Lou. I didn't just use them for the kids, I also used them for the adults on Saturday! They really were so helpful. 

There are plenty of good pillowcase tutorials out there. I typically use this method, but for these I did it a little differently so it would be easy for the kids. I like the extra white strip on my pillowcases, so I wanted to keep that element! 

But for the easiest tutorial I've seen, if you're a beginner and want a very simple pillowcase tutorial, this video can't be beat: 

I'll share more photos as we go! So far this is really fun and nearly as stressful as I knew it could be, ha! I tried to be very prepared, so I think that's paying off. The good news is that so many people out there, both kids and adults really, really want to learn how to sew! That makes me happy. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing! :)