Fussy Cutting and a Quilted Pillow

I gave a sewing lesson today and used the term "fussy-cut" to describe cutting each piece out according to the cute woodland animals she wanted on each part of the baby shoes she was making. What a funny word, "fussy-cut", ha! I wonder who came up with that. 


I recently fussy-cut a quilted pillow. I have had a fat quarter of this awesome VW van fabric in my stash for several years now, not knowing how to best use it and show off it's awesomeness and loving it too much to risk cutting it. Finally I decided it was doing me no good sitting in my stash and made a simple quilted pillow out of it for the guest bed in my sewing room, AKA my happy place, where I can see it and admire it often, but also where it won't get wallered to death like it would if it were on the couch. (Wallered is for sure a word, right?? My spell-check doesn't seem to think so!)

Again, anyway ... 

The pillow turned out cute and was super fun and relaxing to make. 

To fussy-cut the VW fabric, I made a cardboard template from a cereal box, 3" square. I pencil drew around it to cut out the scenes and then found the coordinating fabrics in my stash. I framed it in white and quilted it pretty simply. 

I just love every little scene! Makes me smile whenever I see it :) 


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