Crochet Ballerina Bun Nets

Natalie is a dancer. She takes ballet, jazz and acrobatics at a local studio (amaaaaazing studio, I might add) and while they wear uniforms for class, they are allowed to get creative with their buns and bun accessories. Recently one of her friends there gave each of her classmates some cute bun nets that match their leotards. When Natalie's came apart, though, I grabbed a crochet hook and fixed it, which made me realize it would be totally easy to make more. 

So, I looked up some patterns and made one up. Then I decided it would be relatively easy for Natalie to make them herself. I'll be honest, the night she really wanted to learn, while Layla was in her ballet class, I did not feel like teaching her. I selfishly wanted to sit and read a book or chat with my friend. But, I taught her anyway (moral of the story at the end of this post!) and she took to it so quickly! By now, she's memorized the pattern and has gotten really creative with stripes, beads and funky yarns and has taken requests from other dancers in her class! 

The pattern we landed on is this one. I tried a few others that did not make sense or did not work out, but this one is stellar and easy. 

We really want to make fun holiday ones especially these pumpkin ones

Photo belongs to Jessie Plaskett

Photo belongs to Jessie Plaskett

And these Minnie Mouse ones are sooooo cute!!!

Photo belongs to Lulubebeblu

Photo belongs to Lulubebeblu

I'll admit, when I first became a dance mom, I was truly terrible at the bun thing. Doing hair has never been my speciality and I've never really had a lot of patience to try intricate hairstyles on my girls. But, I must say, I have improved immensely and can now do some pretty cool things on dance days, partly thanks to Natalie subtly hinting that I should watch a few tutorials on Cute Girls Hairstyles. We tried this one today and it actually was easy. looked super cute and kept her bangs held back during ballet. We turned it into a bun, but it will be perfect for ballet and acro days when she needs to switch from bun to pony and still keep her bangs back! 

So, the moral of my initial story: I didn't want to teach Natalie to crochet that night. I was tired, I was coming off a full week of sewing camp and for some reason felt I deserved not to be required to give and serve any more that day. But, I was reminded that God requires me to pour out in faithfulness, even when I think my jug is empty. Just pour, keep serving, and as you pour, He will provide the energy, the joy, the substance, whatever you need, as He provided the wine for the wedding at Cana. (This analogy is one that was written about on the Femina Girls blog several years ago. I can't find the post now, but I have thought of the lesson often). 

Cheers :)

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