Fabric Friday

Welcome to the first edition of Fabric Friday! There is so much great fabric out there and since I can't buy it all, I think the next best thing is to feature my weekly finds here! I'll include a variety of fabrics that I buy locally or scout online, or even special vintage pieces on occasion!

My husband and I are enjoying a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! We were babies when we got married, for realz. I'd pick him all over again, though :) 

We were exploring a couple days ago and stumbled upon a fabric store (totally by accident, I promise, haha). I went in while Casey wandered around for poke stops. Fabric stores in Hawaii are pretty different from what you'd find on the mainland, but I find the warehouse treasure hunts to be quite fun ... unless I'm looking for something specific, that is, ha! I left with one yard of this amazing dog print. I just couldn't resist! 

It's a Japanese fabric and the line is called Animaland by Westex, if you'd like to source it for yourself. It's 100% cotton, but is more like a duck cloth, definitely heavier than quilting cotton, but not as heavy as canvas. 

Whenever I have a cute novelty fabric that I really love, it's such a struggle to know what to do with it! This morning, though, Purl Soho posted a new tutorial for some simple reusable shopping bags and I think that's just the ticket for this fabric! Hawaii is a bagless state, we have to bring our own to the store, so maybe I'll make this one to keep in my purse. 

Photo by Purl Soho.

Photo by Purl Soho.

What would you make with a cute novelty cotton fabric like this?

Cheers and Happy Sewing! :)