Five Things to Sew This Weekend

I keep an editorial calendar of posts I plan to write and I when I checked it see what today’s post would be, I got excited! I love writing these Five Things to Sew posts! I keep a collection on Blog Lovin’ called “Sewspiration” and many of those things end up here in these posts, as well as new sewing tutorials I’ve spotted on Pinterest and around the web. The only hard part is picking my five favorites!

I’ve narrowed it down to just five things you can sew up this weekend. Let’s get started!

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The Costa Tote by Helen’s Closet

First up, Helen’s Closet revealed a free new tote bag pattern this week and I am dying. I love a good tote bag, but there’s something about this asymmetrical pocket that sings to me. AND it’s reversible!? I’m thinking of all kinds of family members who would love a version of this for Christmas. If you hop over to grab it, be sure and check out her other patterns. I’m the Blackwood Cardigan’s #1 fan.

Magnetic Bookmark and Pen Holder

This is a great little idea and tutorial by Lorelei Jayne that I know my girls would love. In fact, I’m teaching a creative writing class at our homeschool co op this year and all my students happen to be Middle School girls! I’d love to make them each one as a gift.

DIY Leather Belt Bag

Are fanny packs back?? I’m not sure about those 80’s kind, but I do know this belt bag by Closet Case Patterns is something I can get behind! I’ve also been wanting to try more sewing on leather, so this would be a great project to start with!

Folding Magazine Rack

I’m an avid reader AND and homeschool mom and I have a vintage folding magazine rack that I use constantly. I’ve often thought I could use another. This is a very simple wood and fabric tutorial by Man Made that I’m going to try! I bet my husband already has the wood pieces I’ll need and the sewing part is very simple.

Easy Rectangle Top

If you missed it last week, this is my own tutorial for a very simple top based off of Mexican embroidered top I thrifted and fell in love with. It is seriously the easiest top you’ll ever make and the possibilities for embellishment are plentiful! The best part is, you only need a yard of fabric. If you make one, I’d love to see your version!

I hope you have some time to sew this weekend! We have a new couch coming and a baby shower to go to, but I’m still putting some sewing on my to-do list. I tend to post about the things I’m sewing in my Instagram Stories, so you can follow along there if you want. And if you enjoyed this post, check out Five Things to Sew: Travel Edition!


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