Five Things to Sew This Weekend: Vol. 7

Welcome to Five Things to Sew This Weekend, Volume 7! Weekends are busy for us these days, mostly driving my daughters to and from ballet and Nutcracker rehearsals, but I try really hard to make sure I make time for sewing! I get an hour here and there throughout the week too, but something about weekends and sewing just seems to go together.

I’ve found five things you can sew up this weekend if you need some sewing therapy after a busy week! If none of these suit your fancy, you can find past volumes of Five Things right here. Let’s get started :)

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The five best sewing tutorials you can sew up in a weekend! || Pin Cut Sew Studio #sewingpatterns #freesewing #sewingtutorials #easysewing


I really love this sweet pumpkin spice applique dish towel by Flamingo Toes. For most seasons, I don’t bother getting seasonal decorations out, but I do love adding some Fall touches to the house in when the cooler weather hits!


I posted an easy tutorial for a circle scarf earlier this week. As we get into cooler weather, I find myself wearing an infinity scarf every time I leave the house! It’s so often cold in the morning and warm by afternoon, so this is a great transitional piece. You only need two yards of fabric and a couple of simple seams.

Great for weekend sewing! Make a DIY circle scarf with this free and easy tutorial || Pin Cut Sew #circlescarf #infinityscarf #diyscarf #tutorial


My daughter Layla is into making tiny things and she has her eye on this pattern on Etsy for a mini bunny with clothes. Soooo cute, it even has a bed AND bedding. It’s adorable. We plan to buy the pattern and get out some scraps to get started. How cute a gift would this make for the little ones in your life??


I noticed Sew News had a leggings sewalong recently, but I didn’t get in on it! I do need some more leggings for winter, though, so I might go ahead and keep my eyes open for fabrics that would work for them. Right now I have a couple good black pairs and a dark gray sweater knit pair. I’ll definitely stick to dark colors, but I think a dark shade of gray and a dark burgundy would be good.


Lastly, I have a couple fabrics I’ve been wanting to use for new pillow cases for our bedroom. I really like this tutorial on Tidbits because I don’t really like having the flapping fabric on my pillow cases. I love the lace peeking out instead of the traditional pillow case band and I love the reversible idea! Pillow cases are a go-to gift idea for kids, since you can find so many great novelty prints, and they’re a great first sewing project too if you have any brand new sewing students. My husband uses the Star Wars pillows cases I made him on his pillow, but I think I need to make myself some pretty ones too ;)

That’s five! What are your sewing plans this weekend??