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If you don't know me in real life or follow me on Instagram, the reason for my silence here and on YouTube lately is because we are in the big middle of a military move from Hawaii to Utah. An overseas move is so complicated, y'all. But I find myself with a few free moments, which will hopefully be more frequent in the coming weeks than they have been in the past few! 

So, how does a sewing blogger blog when she cannot sew? She dreams about sewing, of course ;) 

We bought a house in Utah and it's a dream come true because it has an ideal space for the sewing studio! I plan to continue teaching sewing there, but doing it in our dining room/living room/kitchen island was not going to work for much longer. We need a designated space and this house has it. So excited! Here are a few photos of my space from our realtor:

It's a large room in a daylight basement, so there are large windows. I'm very excited about the windows! We need lots of light for sewing and to film tutorials for the YouTube channel.

So I've been browsing set-ups on Pinterest, of course. I even have a sewing room board. I don't want a crazy cluttered look, I really like a clean space, free of clutter, which may seem oxymoronic when it comes to a hobby that requires quite a bit of gear. 

I absolutely love this office/craft room reveal on Andrea's Notebook! These colors and the peg board and the textures. I get so much inspiration from this! 

Photo belongs to, click over for more details! 

Photo belongs to, click over for more details! 

Casey wants to build some kind of narrow desks for the machines, maybe even some folding ones like these

photo credit:

photo credit:

A recent edition of Mollie Makes magazine has instructions for building some hexagon shelves and Casey's already looked about big pieces of peg board. We love house projects, it's what we miss about home ownership, so we're just really excited about all we have planned! 

Can't wait to get in there start sewing! And teaching! And filming! 


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