McCall's 7441

Every now and then I break out of my style mold and try a new shape. This was one of those experiments and I'm not positive I love it. 

From the front I like it. I like the pockets and I used the best, softest, prettiest color of fabric. I wish the front were longer, but it'll do. 

It's the crazy drape I'm not sure I'm behind, though! 

In this photo it's fine. The problem is that the part the makes the drape actually forms a point. And the point isn't anchored to anything so when I stand up, or have been moving around a lot, I find myself reaching inside the back of the sweater and pulling that point back in where it belongs so it's not sticking out and looking weird, lol! 

See, I think in this next photo, it's starting to look more awkward:

The good news is, I think I can alter it to work. It's a very oddly shaped pattern piece, but that sorta makes it easy to fix this by simply making that point smaller. I'm gonna try it and see what happens. 

I was chatting with my friend the other day after salvaging a shirt I was making that old Nikki would have tossed rather than rip the collar out of to start over, and I realized how much living where fabric is not so accessible and not so cheap has really challenged me to make things work and alter them and take my time on them until I love them. 

Which brings me to something I AM loving! I had made a dress over a year ago, but I hadn't perfected my technique of using a top pattern and extending it into a dress. This resulted in a dress that wasn't very comfortable to sit down in, ha! But the fabric was so great, I loved it, and the fit was perfect on the top! So I kept it in my stash thinking I'd cut it up someday. I pulled it out and cut it into a top with a shirt tail hem (my favorite) and it's getting so much wear now, I just love it. 

Successful salvaging of projects gives me hope for the crazy-drape cardigan. Any suggestions would be quite helpful!