Weekend Sewing Report: McCall's 6954

I have a crazy busy week coming up. I was really stressing over it and asked Casey to talk me back from the ledge and he suggested some sewing time. Ha! He gets me. Gotta make time for personal sewing, it's like therapy. 

I won't beat around the bush. I made a dress and I love it! 

McCall's 6954 by Pin, Cut, Sew Studio

McCall's 6954 by Pin, Cut, Sew Studio

If you're a quilter or are familiar at all with designer fabrics, or have shopped at JoAnn's at all, you may have noticed that this is a well known Denise Schmidt print. However, it's a rayon. I was at Hawaii Fabricmart and there miraculously appeared an entire wall of gorgeous rayons like this one! I swear it wasn't there before, there's no way I would have missed that for two years running. Anyway, I wasn't aware Denise Schmidt prints came in rayon, there was no info on the selvedge NOR on the end of the bolt. Which means it's quite possible this is a blatant knock-off of her work. Does anyone know if rayons were made in her prints? 

At any rate, I wanted to make a swingy summer dress and I had McCall's 6954 in my stash. I made the small and since there are four seams (front, back and sides), it was easy to adjust for more space in the bust. I have a history of making things too big, so I'm working on that and this size was perfect. 

It has so much movement to it, it's very comfortable and my husband really likes it! And, of course, it's looseness is a plus in my climate. It has been hot! 

These were taken outside my house. Don't hate me for my beautiful view. I promise it's leveraged by epic traffic! 

I plan to take this dress on my coming anniversary trip to the Big Island! I can't wait! 

Cheers :)