Sewing on Trend: Rayon Shorts

I've been liking the rayon shorts trend I'm seeing around lately (at least here in Hawaii, they seem to be everywhere). If you do a quick Pinterest search for rayon shorts, you'll see what I mean! I haven't found a pair that looked very good on me in the stores, though. They seem to be either too gathered and full, which is not a great shape on me, or way too short! So I grabbed a rayon dress from my closet that I've had for several years, but haven't been wearing because it's a little outdated now, cut the skirt off and eked out a pair of shorts. They turned out so cute, I really love them! 

These were a simple afternoon project and a great way to reuse fabric that I loved from a dress I didn't love so much anymore. And, when you make your own shorts, you have complete control over the inseam, ha! What is up with super short shorts, especially running shorts?? Seriously, they all have a 2" inseam and that's just not enough coverage for me. Good thing I can sew ;) I went with about a 5" inseam for these. 

Sewing trends: rayon shorts!

Sewing trends: rayon shorts!

I used the Prefontaine Shorts pattern, which you can buy on Etsy here. I added the side insets because I cut them too small. I almost gave up on them, but pressed on and this solution turned out to be great! 

There are some other patterns out there right now that would make great floaty rayon shorts too! This Coachella shorts pattern looks great and super in-style right now. I love the lace trim!

You could give these Colette Nantucket shorts a try. I tried them once, but they didn't work out for me. I might give them another shot, though, because I think my fabric was part of the problem. With a flowy fabric, they'd be great! 

Lastly, I just bought this new Kwik Sew pattern when they went on sale last week and it arrived today! I look forward to trying it out of rayon and also out of some fabric made for workout shorts! 

It's good to see more athleisure patterns starting to make their way into the market!

Cheers and Happy Sewing! 

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