Sewing Camp Session 2

We are halfway through sewing camp #2 and we have are having just as much fun as last time! For reals, I can't even believe how much fun I'm having. I was really worried that after the first few days of the first camp I'd ask myself what I was thinking, but I am really, truly enjoying myself each day. Whew! Haha. 

We made our pillowcases yesterday and started sleeping masks with our extra time. Today we made our drawstring backpacks and they once again turned out awesome! Here are just a few highlights from our first two days.

Getting my teach on! Hehe. 

Getting my teach on! Hehe. 

Yep, I totally let them iron! 

I'll be sure and post our pj shorts when we finish those, along with last week's pj shorts, which I don't think I showed off here either! The pattern we're using is spectacular, so I for sure need to share. 

Cheers and Happy Sewing! 

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