Sewing Camp Progress!

My first week of sewing camp is in full swing and it has been so much fun so far! I'm completely wiped out, in the best of ways when it's over each day. My favorite moments in teaching others to sew are when someone finally turns their finished project right side out and they gasp and grin and are so proud that they made something! It's the best. 

Day two we made drawstring backpacks and these took the whole three hours. They were worth the hard work because they are so cool! And today some of the girls showed up wearing them and carrying their things around in them, which made me happy. 

We used the tutorial from hello, Wonderful.  I love how different everyone's fabric is! 

Today's project was pajama shorts and this one will spill into tomorrow morning. We only have a few seams left! I bought the pdf version of Jalie's Pull-on Pants and Shorts pattern. I taped the pattern together and then yesterday I traced each girl's correct size onto pattern paper, aka the huge cheap roll of banner paper I bought for the task. I had measured each person earlier and some of the girls wear the same size so I had them share. Still, it took time, but thankfully, each pair of shorts fits perfectly! Love that about Jalie patterns, their sizing chart is right on. 

So much concentration! I'm so impressed at how far they've all come since the first day! They're cutting straighter, learning the sewing terms, their seam allowances are looking nicer and the machines aren't coming unthreaded nearly as much today, ha! 

Super proud :)