Upcycle your clothes!

The other day while we were waiting to go to the beach, Natalie came down with a too-small pair of shorts and asked if she could turn them into a bag. Um, of course! She sewed the legs shut, added a strap from another bag she has and used fabric markers to decorate it. It turned out pretty cute! 

Then of course Layla wanted to cut something up and do the same thing. And then of course, Kelby wanted one too, so we chose a t-shirt from Casey's cast-off pile and made him a cool bag too! 

After we made Kelby's bag, we cut the bottom of the t-shirt into 1" strips. Then I let the kids stretch the heck out of it because when you stretch t-shirt strips, they curl up and make yarn! So then they got out the pony beads and made some necklaces and wrap bracelets. Pretty fun! 

Upcycling clothing is so much fun and kids come up withe some pretty cool things. Here are some more ideas I've scouted on Pinterest: 

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Cheers :)