Welcome to Pin, Cut, Sew!

I am so excited to welcome you to the latest venture in my probably already too crazy life, ha! If you've followed me at other places and are curious how I got to this point, I'll let you read the About pages for that kinda thing. But the short version is that my sister inspired me to teach some kids sewing camps this Summer to earn enough money for a family vacation. From there, the ideas kept coming and I decided to take this baby online so I can help others teach kids to sew too, even if they have no sewing experience themselves! I'm excited to provide content that leads you to great resources, tutorials and tips as you and/or your little ones learn to love sewing as much as me and my little ones do. 

So, the last several weeks have been a flurry of sewing with my kids and a little neighbor in preparation for our sewing camps! I love this photo of Kelby with his pillow case. He did all the sewing himself! The next few weeks will be a flurry of camp prep for us, but I'll be sure and document things here along the way. In the meantime, find me on Pinterest and some of the ideas I post there to get started sewing with your kiddos, or learning for yourself :) 

Thanks for stopping by!