Unrelated: Vol. 2

Happy Sunday! Sundays are my favorite days. Church, Mod Pizza, then Broncos, or sewing, or reading, or book store wandering, or just generally relaxing. I try to do all my school planning and other must-do-by-Monday things (like writing this post, for example, haha) before Sunday so none of that is weighing on me, which can make for full Saturdays, but it’s worth it when Sunday comes!

Anyway, I’m back with the second edition of “Unrelated”, where I share with you, my tribe, five things I’m loving that aren’t related to sewing. I’m really loving sharing these tid-bits with you and it’s been fun to keep a mental list of the things I just have to put in the next edition of Unrelated.

First, though, we did make the wreath idea I included in last week’s edition! It was fun to make this with the kids and we smile every time we pull into the driveway :)

I made a DIY Fall pinecone wreath!. Click over for the link to the great tutorial! || Pin Cut Sew Studio #falldecor #wreath #diy

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Let’s get to this week’s five favorite things!


Thriftbooks! Oh my goodness, my friend told me about thrift books a few months ago and I cannot get enough. Every time I place an order, it almost feels too good to be true. Thriftbooks is pretty much what you’d imagine, an online store store for used books. The best part is that you get free shipping for orders over $10 and you earn a free book every now and then when you get enough points from your purchases. Most titles cost $3.99 and many I’ve bought have been in new condition. I’ve found all genres of books on my to-read list, including homeschool books. BEST PART, you can get a 15% discount on your first order by clicking over through this link!


Grain Free Granola recipe by Iowa Girl Eats. I can’t eat gluten, it gives me awful headaches. Most store-bought granolas contain wheat, so I was buying this Grain Free granola from Target. It’s pricey for a pretty small bag, though, so I sought out a recipe and this one delivered, big time! It’s soooooo good, I’ve made it twice now and it lasts for about a week, even with my kids snacking on it. I put it on my cheerios, my yogurt, or just eat as a snack on it’s own.


Besides sewing, photography is a favorite hobby of mine. I go to Barnes & Noble to peruse the magazines sometimes and the other day I grabbed the newest edition of Shutter Magazine. The black and white theme is what caught my eye. I browsed through it at home and it’s really inspiring! It’s what led to my challenging myself to post a black and white photo every day on my personal Instagram account, which has been really fun so far. If there are any photographers in your life, a subscription to Shutter magazine would be a good gift idea. If you’re a photographer yourself, It looks like you can access the digital editions for free, which is pretty cool!

Here is a photo I took of Layla the very day I bought the magazine. I always have a willing subject at hand when inspiration strikes ;)

Black and White photography || Pin Cut Sew Studio


I bought this pair of olive and rose gold Puma sneakers at my thrift store last month. They were in like new condition, so I really lucked out and I ended up LOVING these shoes. They are so, so comfy and bendy. I like them so much, I’m thinking of ordering this similar pair in the elderberry color, because you know, a girl’s gotta have options. I do however, use inserts in all my shoes. I have one good pair with nice arch support that I just switch from shoes to shoes. So when I get new shoes, I rip the original inserts out and use my good ones. Even in my running shoes. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s opened up a whole new world of shoe options for me! I have scoliosis and my body would just start to hurt if I wore shoes that didn’t have the right support. So, if you have knee, ankle, hip or back pain, might I suggest the first thing you try should be good inserts for your shoes? I recommend Vionics or similar brand, NOT the gel or memory foam kind and not the cheapo kinds you can get at Walmart. Lecture over, ha!


I was at Hobby Lobby today and they carry the oh-so-popular CC hats. We have a few of the hats and they are pretty great. The range of CC products has expanded though and now they have gloves too! AND, they’re “smart tips” gloves, so they claim you can use your thumb and finger to access your phone while wearing them. I was skeptical because I have tried on gloves that make these claims in the past and they really didn’t work at all. But, I tried them on and played with my phone there in Hobby Lobby and they worked! I didn’t buy them, but I want to and Amazon has lots more color choices than they had at Hobby Lobby, so I think I’m gonna go with the oatmeal confetti color.

Here’s a photo I took of Natalie in her CC hat last year. She’s had this hat a few years now and it’s still in great shape.

Pin Cut Sew Studio #fallphotography #ccbeanie

That’s five things! Please tell me what unrelated things you’ve been loving lately! Be sure and come back tomorrow to see my September thrift store haul, it’s a fun one.



Unrelated: Vol. 1

This happens to me ALL the time: I try and love a recipe, I devour a great book, I come across a fascinating article online, or I find a product I'm crazy about and I DESPERATELY want to share it with you all. BUT, this is a sewing blog! I'm supposed to blog about sewing!

But, who says I can't share these unrelated things with you, right? This is my blog, after all, and you are my tribe. Chances are, if we relate to each other about sewing things, we may relate to each other over non-sewing things too.

So, without further ado, welcome to Volume 1 of "Unrelated", where I will recommend to you five things I am loving, but are unrelated to sewing. Look for a new edition every Sunday!

First though, here’s a photo of my pretty Fall living room :)

Fall living room || Pin Cut Sew Studio #livingroom #decor #Fall

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that while I am not paid to promote certain items, I will earn a small commission should you purchase items through these links. For more info, see my disclosure policy.

Let’s get to it!


if you’re a fan of C.S. Lewis (who am I kidding, of course you are ;), I’ve loved these two books of his complied letters, Letters to an American Lady and Letters to Children. Of course he was a brilliant man and author, but there is something about reading his letters to others that gives insight into his life and mind and let me tell you, he was so funny.


I’m going to Hobby Lobby today to buy supplies for this Fall wreath. The kids and I are going to make it together. We’ll have to go hunt down some pine cones first because the only ones at the park nearest our house are too skinny.


I’ve made this recipe a bunch of times. It’s one Instant Pot recipe that I feel is truly instant. I can make it in literally 15 minutes in between running my girls to dance. It’s crowd pleaser too! We had a house guest recently and he gobbled it up, asked for the recipe, then made it for a crowd when he got home. Everyone loves it.


we homeschool as you may know, and my son was wanting to learn to type (he’s 11). Rather than purchasing software, we poked around online to see what there was for free. This site is perfect! He’s learning so quickly and it makes a fun vintage typewriter noise as he types, which for some reason, I love.


and last, there is this Instagram account called Cheap Old Houses and it’s soooo much fun to follow. If you’re like me and are obsessed with browsing realtor.com just to see what’s out there in various cities and states, you’ll love this account.

That’s five! Please tell me what you’re loving right now!

Simple Fall living room decor || PIn Cut Sew Studio #livingroom #falldecor #simpleliving

BTW, those little fabric pumpkins are from the Target Dollar Spot. You can get a set of 8 here :)